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College Consulting Overview

What is College Consulting with BWS?

BWS offers customized advisement for students in the college search, college admissions, scholarship research, and college selection processes. Whether you need just an hour of help editing your application essay, or if you need comprehensive guidance from the beginning to the end of the college application process, we have a solution for you. You can sign up for our college consulting services using our secure online registration form.

What makes BWS better than other college application services?

Who can benefit from College Consulting with BWS?

Who are the BWS College Consultants?

Michal Strawn

Michal Strawn is a full-time senior educational consultant with BWS. Michal has a graduate certificate in college counseling from UCLA and extensive experience in working with central Ohio students through the college admissions and scholarship application process.

Michal enjoys the challenge of college counseling and helping students make one of the most important decisions of their young lives. Each student and situation is different, and Michal customizes her approach and recommendations for each family. She is adept at making students feel comfortable and working through high school stressors. Michal is extremely organized—a skill she passes on to students. When she is not meeting with students, Michal travels the country to visit college campuses and meet with admissions officers, staying up-to-date with which colleges will be best fits for her clients.

Michal helps families by bringing an outside point of view and the personal attention often not readily available in other settings. Michal has limited availability for college counseling packages, ensuring that each family has the access and deep relationship-building needed to make the college admissions process as free from stress as possible.

Brian Stewart

Brian Stewart is the President and founder of BWS Education Consulting, and the author of several best-selling educational books with Barron's. Brian is a graduate of Princeton University, and has worked with hundreds of high school students on the college application process.

Brian loves to help students find their authentic voices in their college essays. He especially enjoys coaching students who do not believe they have an interesting story to share with colleges. Through Socratic dialogue and intensive editing, Brian helps students present the most captivating and refined versions of their personal narratives.

Brian is available for hourly sessions focused on college essay, college application, and college interview assistance.

Do you offer any free College Consulting resources?

Of course! We recognize that not all students and families can pay for individual college admissions coaching. Here are some excellent resources that we have created to make the college admissions process more transparent:

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