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Let’s face it–students nowadays are generally not that interested in picking up a large novel to read from cover to cover. If students are to improve their performance on major standardized tests, like the ACT and SAT, they will need to have read a wide variety of high quality books. How can we make this a more enjoyable and appealing process for high school students?

My answer: make reading an easy choice by having an e-reading program on their smart phones. Students are on their phones all the time, surfing the web, checking Facebook, and texting. If a student has a really good book on a Kindle App on his or her smart phone, reading becomes a much easier choice. Since e-readers automatically remember the place where you left off, it makes it effortless for students to locate where they left off in a book.

Just as having a fruit tray in front of a dieter will encourage him to eat healthfully, so will having some interesting books on an e-reader help high school students boost their reading comprehension while having fun in the process.