The ACT Turbo Workshop provides college-bound students with a comprehensive overview of the most effective approaches to the ACT. This is an ideal option for students with little time to prepare prior to the test. The Turbo Workshops are each scheduled shortly before an ACT. Students work with real previous ACT tests to ensure they are practicing the skills they will need to have the day of the test.

In a typical class, we start by asking students which sections they would most like to cover out of English, Math, Reading, and Science. Based on the unique needs of the students in the class, we spend more or less time on certain sections. For each test section, we start with strategies and content review, followed by instructor-modeling of problem solving. Students then do targeted mini-practice to become familiar with the test questions and comfortable with timing. Students need only bring a calculator and a pencil – all the materials are provided.

Each of our ACT courses can be taken separately or as part of a sequence—they all use different materials. The 4 hour ACT Turbo Workshop can be a helpful introduction to the ACT prior to the ACT Intro or ACT Advanced, or it can serve as a good review for students who have already done other group classes or tutoring.

Based on feedback from schools and community organizations with whom we have arranged classes, students have had an average 2 point improvement on their actual ACT test scores after taking this workshop. This is over twice the improvement students typically have due to ACT test prep, even those who do tutoring for many, many more hours. ( You won’t find a better “bang for your test prep buck” than our ACT Turbo. The cost of the ACT Turbo is approximately $99, depending on your particular residency status for a recreation center.

Dublin Recreation Center

Sunday, December 6th, 1-5 PM  (scheduled to prepare students before the December ACT and beyond).  *This class will be held online due to Covid-19. We will send you the login information shortly before the class.*  Cost:  $99 for Dublin Residents

Click here to contact the Dublin Recreation Center or call 614-410-4550 to register.

The ACT Introductory Class provides college-bound students with in-depth instruction on all parts of the ACT. This is an excellent course for students who are looking for a thorough introduction to the ACT. Students will learn the latest proven strategies as they work with practice tests created by ACT, as well as rigorous practice exercises created by Brian Stewart. The course fee includes the practice workbook—students need only bring a pencil and a calculator.

In a typical ACT Intro, we begin by asking students what areas of the ACT—English, Math, Reading, and Science—students would most like to review. The class is then customized based on the unique needs of the students in the course. With twelve hours of class time, we are able to go much more in-depth into strategy and content instruction, as well as allow students plenty of opportunities to ask individual questions about their personal situations. As the course wraps up, we work on time management mastery, which is critical to success on the ACT.

Our ACT courses can be taken separately or as part of a sequence—they all use different practice exercises. The ACT Intro builds on and reviews what is taught in the ACT Turbo, and lays a solid foundation for students interested in the ACT Advanced class. We would not recommend completing the ACT Turbo and the ACT Intro class in the same testing cycle.

Please contact us to set up a private ACT Intro Class for your school or group. 

Finally, a group class option exists for ambitious students who have already completed prior test preparation. The ACT Advanced Course is designed for students who have already scored at least in the mid-20s on the ACT, and have ambitious goals for score improvements. We move at a faster pace and focus on more difficult questions than we do in the ACT Turbo and ACT Intro. Students will be given the practice book and strategy sheet—they should just bring a pencil and a calculator to each class session.

The ACT Advanced Class utilizes the ACT book that BWS Education President Brian Stewart wrote for Barron’s Educational Series. This book gives our students the best chance for success because it has a number of passages and questions that are designed to be more difficult than the actual ACT. If we can give students practice exercises more challenging than what they will typically face on the ACT, they will find the real ACT to be easier.

The ACT Advanced Class begins as all of our group classes do—we ask students what ACT sections out of English, Math, Reading, and Science give them the most difficulty. We then design the course syllabus accordingly to give students the targeted test preparation and strategy review they need. This class offers students ample chances to ask personal questions about issues from college admissions to test anxiety.

If students have done other test preparation with BWS or with other companies, this class gives students a unique opportunity to work on advanced strategies and difficult content with like-minded classmates. The ACT Advanced Class can be done independently, but it can also be done in addition to the ACT Turbo and the ACT Intro.

Please contact us to set up a private ACT Advanced Class for your school or group.  

We are happy to work with you in developing a customized ACT class for your group. We have created unique ACT test prep solutions for high schools like New Albany, Patriot Prep, Licking Valley, Newark, Dalton, Worthington Christian, Olentangy, and others. Students who have similar abilities and academic backgrounds are well served by an ACT group class format.

  • Are you a school administrator or guidance counselor who would like to have an ACT class for your students?
  • Are you a parent or coach who has a group of students in the same extracurricular activity and could use a flexible scheduling option?
  • Are you a high school or school district that would like to have ACT Professional Development for your staff?
  • Do you work with a community organization or charitable foundation that would like to sponsor an ACT class for an underserved population of students?
  • Do you live in a city outside of Ohio, such as New York, Washington, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Miami, Indianapolis, Chicago, Boston, or Los Angeles, and would like to have company President Brian Stewart fly to you for a group class?
  • Are you a boarding school or a college admissions consultant who would like to partner with us to provide top-notch ACT test prep to your students?
  • Do you live outside of the United States—countries like China, Korea, Canada, Japan, Brazil, or Britain—and you would like an online ACT class for your group?

Please contact us and we can discuss possibilities for your unique situation.

What is the ACT?

The ACT is an admissions test accepted by all colleges and universities throughout the United States. It is a general test of the academic skills that students should have to be well prepared for college.

What skills and knowledge does the ACT cover?

The ACT has 5 sections that cover the following academic and critical thinking skills:

  • English—Editing and grammar skills
  • Math—Algebra, geometry, trigonometry
  • Reading—Reading comprehension
  • Science—Analysis of scientific information
  • Writing—An optional essay

When is the ACT given?

In the fall of 2020, the test dates are:

  • September 12
  • September 13
  • September 19
  • October 10
  • October 17
  • October 24
  • October 25
  • December 12

When should I take the ACT?

We recommend that students take the ACT once in the fall of Junior year, once in the spring of Junior year, and once in the fall of Senior year. Since individual circumstances can vary, please contact us for recommendations about your personal ACT testing timetable.

How do I register for the ACT?

Go to the official ACT website: If you receive accommodations due to a learning disability like ADD, ADHD, concussion symptoms, dyslexia, dysgraphia, or something else that prevents you from finishing the ACT in the allotted amount of time, please go to this website to find out more:

How does ACT scoring work?

The ACT is scored along a bell curve, which ensures that results from one ACT test are comparable to those from another ACT test. The ACT has a 1-36 scale, with a 36 being a perfect score. The average national ACT score is around a 21. Each of the four test sections—English, Math, Reading, and Science—is scored from 1-36. The overall composite score is a simple average of the individual ACT test sections. The ACT writing score is provided on the score report, but it does not figure into the overall composite result.

How do I get a copy of my ACT testing booklet?

For the April, June, and December ACT tests, you can order a copy of your ACT test booklet and answers by requesting the ACT Test Information Release when you register, or by going to this page on the ACT website:

How are the ACT and SAT different?

The ACT has questions that are generally a bit less confusing than those on the SAT, but the ACT is more challenging to finish in the given amount of time. The ACT tests science reasoning, while the SAT does not. The ACT and SAT have become more similar to one another than they once were since the SAT overhaul in 2016.