We understand that personalized test preparation doesn’t fit into every student’s plans. Also, we understand that many parents would like some help sorting through the often-overwhelming college admissions process. Here are links to some of the most helpful free resources that the official test makers have created to help you with ACT and SAT test preparation and college admissions.

2016-2017 “Preparing for the ACT” booklet

Solutions Manual for the 2016-2017 “Preparing for the ACT” booklet

2018-2019 “Preparing for the ACT” booklet

Solutions Manual for the 2018-2019 “Preparing for the ACT” booklet

Sample ACT English Problems

Sample ACT Math Problems

Sample ACT Reading Problems

Sample ACT Science Problems

Sample ACT Writing Material

Eight full-length SAT tests and two full-length PSAT tests you can take on paper

General Academic Help through Khan Academy

Please check out this outstanding website made by my colleague Mike Uretsky about summer program opportunities: Studenteducationprograms.com

At The Core was founded by my colleague, Beth Probst, to help students with self assessment, career exploration, and educational path planning as they prepare to make the decisions that surround their journey through middle and high school to college and their future. Their free weekly newsletter is a valuable resource for parents: www.gettingatthecore.com

My colleague Joe Messinger is a Certified Financial Planner who has a great blog on college financing: www.capstonewealthpartners.com/blog/

Keystone College Planning, founded by my colleague Ryan Fleming, provides holistic college planning and financial advisory services to help parents plan and pay for college. They guide students throughout the financial aid and admissions process, and assist parents with developing a customized plan to pay for college and prepare for retirement. You can learn more at: http://keystonecollegeplan.com