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Some people are terrific test-takers, while others are great at explaining concepts. We only hire instructors who are exceptional at both. Company President Brian Stewart personally evaluates and trains every SAT tutor. Before we offer candidates an interview, they must have test results in at least the 95th percentile and extensive instructional experience. Before working with students, tutors must complete a rigorous teaching evaluation to demonstrate that (1) they can explain any question students might have on the practice tests and (2) they can offer customized SAT and PSAT content instruction and strategic advice to students. No wonder less than 4% of our applicants are hired. For more information, please check out our Testimonials and Staff Intros.

Highest Quality SAT Test Preparation Materials

Practice only makes perfect if you are using the best materials. Our students use previous real SAT and PSAT tests, SAT & PSAT practice tests we have created, and SAT & PSAT tests that are designed to be more difficult than the actual tests to help students push their limits. The quality of our materials and methods has been recognized by Barron’s Educational Series, which selected company President Brian Stewart to author several PSAT and SAT books.

Completely Personalized Instruction

Working with students one-to-one enables us to meet their individual learning needs. What works for one student to prepare for the SAT or PSAT will not necessarily work for another. Among the factors we consider in customizing our test prep:

  • How has a student done previously on the PSAT, ACT, and/or SAT?
  • What is a student’s baseline knowledge of English grammar, SAT Vocabulary, SAT math, or other key SAT test content?
  • Does the student receive testing accommodations, such as extended time, due to an IEP or 504 Plan?
  • To what extent should we discuss test anxiety?
  • What are the student’s goals for National Merit Scholarship recognition, an SAT score, and college admissions?

Your registration form will tell us what we need to know to match your child with the best tutor for his or her overall situation. Our tutors continually tailor their instruction by communicating with parents, seeking student feedback, and evaluating student performance during each tutoring session

Our tutoring represents the best value in SAT and PSAT test preparation in the Columbus area and beyond.

Individual Tutoring

Please use our secure registration form to sign up for tutoring. (If you are registering using a mobile device, review the tutoring options on our FAQs page). Tutors usually fill up at least a month in advance, so email us as soon as possible to begin the registration process.

Tutoring with an associate tutor is currently $90 per hour for individual SAT or PSAT tutoring. Learn more about our associate SAT Tutors.

SAT tutoring with company President Brian Stewart is currently $180 per hour.

Group Tutoring

Associate tutors can work with pairs of students who have similar goals and ability levels at a per-student per-hour rate of $63 ($126 total for the hour for both students.) Brian can work with pairs of students who have similar goals and ability levels at a per-student per-hour rate of $126. ($252 total for the hour for both students.) We do not have a list of students waiting to be placed to work with other students in pairs. If you form your own pair, we can try to accommodate you.

If you would like to arrange a customized group package for 3 or more students, please email us for details. Also, consider one of our Group SAT Test Prep Classes.


Based on your registration information, we will match you with a tutor whose schedule and location matches yours. Our tutors are generally available on afternoons, evenings, and weekends, but not all tutors are available at all times and locations.

We recommend at least 10-12 hours of tutoring leading up to a particular SAT or PSAT test date. Some students may want and need more than this. If you are not sure as to how much tutoring would be helpful, we recommend scheduling an initial session. At the end of the appointment, you and your tutor can discuss a plan going forward.

SAT tutoring sessions are typically 1.5-2 hours in length to allow for enough time to go into the material in-depth.

Sometimes students like to start with a group class and follow up with individual tutoring thereafter. Please let us know on your enrollment form if you are doing tutoring along with a group class so that the tutor will know what you have covered already.

We offer convenient SAT tutoring by meeting students in areas easily accessible for them. Sessions typically take place in public libraries or coffee shops. We also offer online SAT and PSAT tutoring via Skype to Columbus-area students who need a flexible option, and to students anywhere in the world.

We are able to provide in-person, one-on-one private SAT tutoring to students from the following parts of central Ohio: Columbus, Worthington, Dublin, Hilliard, Bexley, Powell, Grove City, Reynoldsburg, Granville, Grandview Heights, Upper Arlington, New Albany, and Gahanna.

Students in other cities in Ohio, like Cleveland, Dayton, Cincinnati, Kettering, Terrace Park, Gates Mills, Hudson, Chagrin Falls, Galena, Solon, and Hinckley, may want to do a combination of in-person SAT tutoring and online SAT tutoring.

If you live outside of the Columbus area, contact us to set up one-to-one SAT tutoring or PSAT tutoring via our Socrates online learning system. Socrates enables us to work with students throughout the United States and all over the world to help them prepare for the SAT. Socrates offers a virtual tutoring option that is just like being in the same room with a tutor. We can share a whiteboard through the screen-sharing feature to solve problems as though you were in a classroom. Sessions can take place in the convenience of your home, and can often take place at times that in-person tutoring could not. Please click here for extensive details about our online SAT and PSAT tutoring.

If you would like to set up in-person individual SAT tutoring with company President Brian Stewart and you live outside of Ohio–Boston, Los Angeles, Indianapolis, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Phoenix, Miami, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, New York City, Europe, or China—please email us to arrange a customized tutoring program for your child. Depending on the particulars, Brian might be able to fly to you for an in-depth SAT tutoring workshop.

We are proud to have provided SAT tutoring to central Ohio students from the following high schools:

  • Bexley High School
  • Bishop Hartley
  • Bishop Ready
  • Bishop Watterson
  • Columbus Academy
  • Columbus Alternative
  • Columbus School for Girls
  • Dublin Coffman
  • Dublin Jerome
  • Dublin Scioto
  • Gahanna Lincoln
  • Grandview Heights
  • Granville High School
  • Hilliard Bradley
  • Hilliard Darby
  • Hilliard Davidson
  • Interlochen Arts Academy
  • Licking Valley High School
  • Newark Catholic
  • Newark High School
  • Olentangy High School
  • Olentangy Liberty
  • Olentangy Orange
  • Phillips Academy (Andover)
  • Pickerington H.S. Central
  • Pickerington H.S. North
  • Reynoldsburg High School
  • St. Charles Preparatory School
  • St. Francis Desales
  • The Wellington School
  • Thomas Worthington
  • Upper Arlington
  • Westerville Central
  • Westerville North
  • Westerville South
  • Western Reserve Academy
  • Worthington Christian High School
  • Worthington Kilbourne

What is the SAT?

The SAT is an college admissions test accepted by all universities throughout the United States. It is a general test of the critical thinking and academic skills that students should have to be well prepared for college.

What is the PSAT?

The PSAT is a shorter version of the SAT that is given in October of the junior year to help students become familiar with the SAT, and to determine eligibility for National Merit Scholarship recognition.

What skills and knowledge does the SAT cover?

The SAT has 4 majors components that assess different areas of academic development:

  • Reading–Answer questions about passages from literature, historical documents, social science, and natural science.
  • Writing and Language–Demonstrate knowledge of grammar and editing skills
  • Math–One section allows a calculator, one does not. The math focuses heavily on Algebra 1 and 2, with a bit of geometry and precalculus.
  • An optional 50 minute argument analysis essay

When is the SAT?

In 2020-2021, the SAT test dates are:

  • August 29
  • September 26
  • October 3
  • November 7
  • December 5
  • March 13
  • May 8
  • June 5

When is it best to take the SAT?

Most students find it best to take it once in the fall of Junior year, once in the spring of Junior year, and once in the fall of Senior year. Students who are trying to earn a National Merit Scholarship should take the SAT in October shortly before the actual PSAT—this will help them rehearse the skills necessary for success in the National Merit competition. Individual circumstances vary, so contact us for a recommendation based on your individual situation.

How do I register for the SAT?

Go to If you are eligible for extended time due to an I.E.P. or 504 Plan due to a learning disability like ADD, ADHD, dysgraphia, dyslexia, concussions, or traumatic brain injury, please go to here on the College Board website:

How do they score the SAT?

The SAT is scored on a bell curve that is adjusted on each test date so that results from one SAT test compare fairly to those of another SAT test. It is scored from 400-1600 points, with a 1600 being a perfect score. The national average SAT score is around a 1000. Many schools do not consider the optional essay in their admission decisions. The PSAT is scored along a bell curve just like the SAT—-however, the score range is between 320 and 1520.

What are the SAT Subject Tests?

These are tests required by Ivy League and other selective schools in a variety of academic areas. Find out detailed information about the Subject Tests here: We are able to tutor students for most SAT subject tests, including Math Level 1, Math Level 2, U.S. History, World History, Literature, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

Can I order a copy of my SAT test booklet?

For certain test dates, you can do so with this order form: Students can access their PSAT scores and questions through their online accounts at no charge.