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Staff Intros

Here is a snapshot of our tutoring staff:

  • All have scored at least in the 95th percentile on a company-administered or previously-taken National Standardized test like the ACT, SAT or GRE.
  • All are able to cross-teach all areas of the ACT.
  • Every tutor has significant previous teaching experience.
  • All have completed over 30 hours of training in the latest tutoring methods.
  • All have passed comprehensive fingerprinting/background check and reference checks.
  • Every tutor has access to the latest proprietary test preparation materials and tutoring methods available through no other company.
  • All have passed multiple interviews and instructional simulations to ensure that they are not just good on paper, but that they are able to connect with young people and teach them with creativity and passion.
  • No matter your child’s unique strengths and weaknesses, we have a tutor who will be a great fit.

Compare to our competition:

Meet Our Tutors

Allow our operations team to match you with your ideal tutor. We will use your registration information to make the best match based on your academic strengths and weaknesses, your schedule, and your location–the more detailed information you provide, the better we can meet your needs. Not all tutors are available on all days or at all locations. Tutor introductions are meant to give you a glimpse into the teaching style of each tutor and are not all inclusive of their merits. Suffice it to say that company owners Brian and Caitlin Stewart would be 100% comfortable with their own children working with any of these outstanding educators.


Michal is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Capital University. Michal is also our in-house college admissions counselor, having completed graduate work in college admissions at UCLA. Michal’s outstanding abilities to craft engaging lessons and break down concepts step-by-step earned her the faculty award for the best Capital senior in the field of adolescent education. Michal has worked with hundreds of students in a variety of settings, from the AP World History classrooms of Central Ohio to the English-language learning classrooms of Thessaloniki, Greece.

Special areas of interest: ACT tutoring, SAT tutoring, writing tutoring, AP History tutoring, AP Language tutoring, AP Literature tutoring, college admissions help, college scholarship search, and college essay help.

“Michal is highly motivated. She is open and friendly and has a very pleasant demeanor… She has a strong work ethic and [is] always punctual.”


“Michal has been enthusiastic in engaging students to be active thinkers. She is an intelligent, articulate, mature, and genuine individual. I firmly believe that her talents will lead to many positive encounters [with students].”



Doug is an experienced educator who teaches philosophy at several area colleges. He has a background in mechanical engineering and also holds two masters degrees. Doug impressively earned a perfect score on both the writing and math sections of the GRE. He takes a calm, measured approach to teaching, making all students feel secure, and delivers even the most difficult academic material in an accessible way.

Special areas of interest: ACT tutoring; math tutoring; AP Calculus tutoring; AP Statistics tutoring; GRE tutoring; SAT Tutoring; chemistry, physics, and science tutoring.

“[Doug] really loves what he does and it definitely shows when he is teaching or discussing with his students. He encourages participation without being overbearing and he is never dismissive of a student’s viewpoint, even if it is totally irrational. He is probably the best teacher I’ve ever had at OU. He makes complicated ideas seem simple and easy to understand, and he helps his students think critically about issues, which is an important and useful skill.”

~Ohio University Student

“Really enjoyed the class. [Doug] was always willing to help and answer questions if we had any. Would recommend him to future students.”

~Zane State Student


Hannah is a school-based occupational therapist. Hannah developed many of our original free test preparation resources, and worked with Brian to develop original material for Barron’s ACT® and other books. Hannah has a Masters in Occupational Therapy from The Ohio State University and was graduated summa cum laude from Capital University. Hannah enjoys meeting the educational needs of students, no matter their starting point.

Special areas of interest: ACT tutoring, SAT tutoring, students with special needs, writing tutoring, college essay tutoring.

“Hannah’s approachability makes her especially gifted at connecting with students. Her light-hearted manner makes tutoring an enjoyable experience while her dedication and commitment to education ensures her students perform to the best of their ability.”


“Hannah is an enthusiastic leader in an instructional setting. She has the critical thinking ability and interpersonal skills to get to the heart of how students are thinking, minimizing their anxiety and optimizing their analytical talent.”



Minh is currently a medical student at Ohio State University, where previously he earned his Bachelor’s in Mathematical Biology. Minh boasts impressive academic credentials: perfect scores on the ACT and the American Mathematics Competition test, and independent research on blood viscosity testing alternatives. Minh has received consistently excellent feedback from his tutoring students over the years for his patience, compassion, and empathy.

Special areas of interest: ACT tutoring, SAT tutoring, MCAT tutoring, chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics, calculus, statistics.

“Minh, is not only a great tutor, but an amazing human being. If Minh were not present at the unit I would have failed Calculus I. I am a slow learner and this did not deter Minh from offering his guidance every time that I requested it. He is an outstanding tutor and a genuine person and I am truly grateful that he spends his time with us.”

~Anonymous OSU Student Survey

“Minh is by far my favorite tutor at the unit. He is probably one of the smartest people I have ever met and knows a lot about physics, calculus, and chemistry. If we could have 12 Minhs at the unit, that would be awesome.”

~Anonymous OSU Student Survey


Dylan knows standardized testing inside and out, having scored a perfect 36 ACT score. Prior to his work with BWS, Dylan has two years of experience tutoring students in math and science. Dylan is admitted to the Ohio State University and will continue his college work in mathematics. Dylan’s affinity for mathematical proofs translates across all subject areas–he innately understands that it is not enough to get the right answer; students must understand how they got there. Dylan has the interpersonal skills, patience, and intellectual background to help struggling students to achieve their personal best.

Special areas of interest: ACT tutoring; SAT tutoring; math tutoring; chemistry tutoring; physics tutoring.


“He is super smart with an incredible talent for explaining things.”


Dylan is a very intelligent and hard working individual. He always goes above and beyond with his academic studies and personal interests. He takes pride in his work and never fails to find a way to educate and push other students to their full potential.



As a perfect 36 ACT scorer and a National Merit award recipient, Keshav is extremely well-versed in the intricacies of standardized testing. Prior to his work with BWS, Keshav has several years of experience as a tutor and as a mathematics teaching assistant. When he is not in Ohio, Keshav tutors students online as a student at Stanford University, where he studies economics and computer science. With his kind and patient demeanor, Keshav ensures that all of his students will receive the thoughtful and in-depth explanations they need to tackle whatever questions they find challenging.

Special areas of interest: ACT tutoring; SAT tutoring; math tutoring; physics tutoring; chemistry tutoring; biology tutoring.


Keshav has an extraordinary ability to quickly synthesize and then explain challenging concepts.


Keshav is excellent at motivating students to reach their full potential.” 




Durshil is a winner of the Provost Scholarship at Ohio State University where he maintains a 4.0 GPA in Biomedical Sciences and studies the biology of concussions.  In addition to his tutoring work with BWS, Durshil has refined his presentation skills in activities like leading OSU campus tours, working for several years at COSI, and assisting patients at the James Hospital. Durshil uses his ingenuity to provide tailored explanations to ensure that students understand the concepts they find challenging.

Special areas of interest: ACT tutoring; SAT tutoring; math tutoring; science tutoring.


Durshil is an extremely personable person who works hard to connect with others and brings out the best in them.”


Durshil exhibits responsibility, maturity, and helpfulness.” 




Katie is a recipient of the Maximus scholarship award the Ohio State University where she studies environmental engineering.  Katie has a passion for scientific research, studying topics ranging from nanochip diagnosis of pancreatic cancer to the effect of yeast incubation temperature on cell adhesion.  Katie enjoys working with a wide range of learners seeking to master challenging difficult subjects, whether it’s advanced math and science or patiently help new swimmers overcome their fears.  

Special areas of interest: ACT tutoring, SAT tutoring, math tutoring, calculus tutoring, science tutoring, biology tutoring, chemistry tutoring, physics tutoring.  


Katie uniquely combines both a mastery of the material and an ability to break down challenging subjects for anxious students.”


I was impressed with Katie’s calm demeanor—tough subjects do not get her flustered and this confidence carries through into her explanations.” 




Denis has a diverse academic pedigree, with a B.S. in Biology along with concentrations in Psychology, Russian language, and History.  When he is not conducting cell biology research, Denis enjoys tutoring in a variety of subjects.  He is especially adept at working with students who need extensive content review from their core subject classes, since he is great at explaining challenging concepts step-by-step.   

Special areas of interest: ACT tutoring, SAT tutoring, algebra tutoring, chemistry tutoring, biology tutoring.  


Denis has a solid grasp on the subjects and is really good at breaking down complex ideas.


I had Denis as a tutor and he helped me immensely.  He was very well-versed and knowledgeable.  He also adjusted the lessons to the ways that I best learn so that was very helpful.  I highly recommend him.” 




Eliza has a background in pharmaceutical sciences from The Ohio State University.  When she is not tutoring, she administers a competitive chemistry nonprofit with over 6,000 international participants.  Eliza has a deep passion for learning, having taught herself a wide variety of subjects; this enthusiasm for breaking down challenging subjects carries over to her student instruction.  

Special areas of interest: ACT tutoring, SAT tutoring, algebra tutoring, geometry tutoring, calculus tutoring, statistics tutoring, English tutoring, chemistry tutoring, biology tutoring, physics tutoring.  


She is prompt, courteous, and extra hard working.  Not to mention, very intelligent.


Eliza is wonderful at asking deep and probing questions to assess student understanding.” 




Jope brings a positive mindset to all of his student interactions, helping students overcome their challenges and bolster their confidence. Jope enjoys working with students on SAT and ACT prep as well as academic tutoring—he is trilingual (English, Portuguese, and German) and can instruct most any Advanced Placement coursework. Jope will be studying Electrical Engineering at the Ohio State University; despite his technical knowhow, he effortlessly makes complex concepts understandable. 


Special areas of interest: ACT tutoring, SAT tutoring, algebra tutoring, geometry tutoring, calculus tutoring, AP tutoring, chemistry tutoring, biology tutoring, physics tutoring.  


“Jope is one of the most charismatic and helpful people I’ve ever met. He combines this with a brilliant understanding to help his students perform at their best.


“Jope is one of the most dedicated and hard working people I know. He always brings a positive attitude and puts 100% of his effort into everything he does.” 





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