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Many ambitious students find that the courses they would like to take are simply not offered in their high schools. Fortunately, Ohio allows high school students to do post-secondary enrollment at a variety of institutions. Why is this beneficial?

1. Post-secondary coursework will easily transfer to college. You will have minimal worries about whether a school will accept a certain AP or IB score. If a school sees that you have completed a rigorous college course in a subject, such as calculus, physics or chemistry, they will likely give you credit for it.

2. It saves money. Post-secondary coursework is just like high school coursework in that it is free! If you can complete a year or two of college when it is free to do so, why not make it happen?

3. It will look good on your college applications. Taking rigorous college courses will demonstrate to universities that you are absolutely prepared for college work. You might also be able to get a letter of recommendation from a well-known professor.

4. It can be a great opportunity for home-schooled students to demonstrate college competency. The funding for most of the students comes directly from the school district of residence, but the funding for home-schooled students to do post-secondary coursework comes from the State of Ohio.

The public colleges that offer post-secondary coursework in central Ohio include:

Columbus State Community College
Marion Technical College
Ohio State University
Ohio University

The private schools in the greater central Ohio region that offer dual-enrollment programs include:

Cedarville University
Ohio Dominican University
Otterbein University
University of Dayton

With college costs rising higher than the rate of inflation, please take advantage of this program!