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Our son's ACT prep one-on-one tutoring with Brian Stewart was extremely beneficial. His score increase by 10 points...truly amazing! Brian helped build his confidence and coached him during the testing week. We couldn't be happier with the results.



Just wanted to let you know about a success story! My son took your ACT class this summer. Here is a comparison of his April, 2011 ACT Scores and his September, 2011 scores:

He was very complimentary about your classes and thought you knew what you were doing (something we've never heard him say about any other teacher!).

Thanks so much!



I just got my ACT score back from June, and was delighted to see that I got a 36! I got 35's on Math and Writing, and perfects on Science and Reading. Thank you so much for helping me raise my score 3 points, it was definitely worth the time and money!


With great pleasure, I am providing this letter of testimony for Brian Stewart. I first met Brian over two years ago when we engaged him as a tutor for our daughter. Early in her junior year we realized she was struggling with her difficult curriculum. We thought that she needed help from someone outside the family and outside the school system and were referred to Brian from a counselor from a local college. After our daughter's first session with Brian, we realized we made the right decision in hiring Brian.

Brian was able to connect with our daughter beyond that of a teacher. Not only did Brian have a good grasp of the subject matter he helped her with, he was also able to relate to her as a young adult. In addition to being her tutor, Brian became a trusted confidant to her. As a result, not only did her grades improve, but her attitude, both in and out of the classroom, also significantly improved. One example of Brian's ability to tutor is our daughter's improvement on the ACT. Before she began working with Brian, her ACT score was 17. After working with Brian, her ACT improved to 25. We are sure that would not have been possible without Brian's assistance.

It is without hesitation that I strongly recommend Brian for any student who wants to improve their education experience, or raise their ACT or SAT scores.


I would like to thank you for your tremendous help and guidance with my SAT's. Before I took your course, the colleges that I was hoping to attend seemed out of reach, but now I feel like my odds of getting into a superior school are as high as anyone else's. As you and probably all your students know, preparing for the SAT's is a strenuous and intimidating process, almost as intimidating as the SAT's themselves. You made it easy for me to learn more than just formulas, but thought processes too. Your course gave me the tools that I needed to excel and boosted my score by over 300 points. SAT's and ACT's are a big bulk of the college admission determination, and without proper preparation, my scores would have been much lower. You have truly improved my chances for a better future.


I cannot thank you enough for the help you gave (our son), one on one, this summer. He was diagnosed with dyslexia a few years back and struggles tremendously with tests. He has been unable to get an IEP so obtaining accommodations for him was almost impossible. Your work with him this summer helped him to feel confident and prepared for the test. We just received his scores, and his score was raised 4 points, from 14 to 18. For a child struggling with dyslexia, this increase is tremendous. We feel indebted to you and are sure the confidence you gave him will help as he moves on to college!! Thanks again!


We can't thank you enough!!!! K. is extremely happy. Her overall score was a 31 ! Six points higher than April

Thanks again!


I came across this e-mail and I wanted to take the time to THANK you! You did fit T. in to a few individual sessions and all I know is that he did improve his total score by 4 points...and his sum score by 17. He is in college and playing DII football. I will be contacting you when my freshman is ready to take his ACT. He is a 4.0 student and want to make sure he does WELL the first time.

Thanks again.


Hi Mr. Stewart,

I just want to personally thank you for the group class that you taught this summer at Dublin Recreation Center. I took your PSAT/SAT Advanced Group Class, and I dramatically improved my PSAT scores. Last year, as a sophomore, I scored a 191, and this year, as a junior, I scored a 233 (79 in critical reading, 76 in math, and 78 on writing). Thank you for all of your help!


Just wanted to send you a note to thank you for helping A. with her ACT Prep. She increased her score from a 23 to a 27! So far she has been accepted to two of the schools she has applied to, and we are still waiting to hear from two others. Your tutoring was extremely valuable!


We got B.'s ACT scores back and just wanted to share that he improved 8 points! He went from a 22 on the first try to a 30 on his second attempt. We are very thankful for all the valuable information you shared with him as it was obviously a huge contributing factor in his impressive improvement. Both of our kids were able to take what you taught them and convert that into successful test results. We have no more kids here to send your way, but we will certainly pass on your name as a quality company for ACT test prep.

Thank you again for all your help.


I wanted to let you know that your advanced class and the individual 1 hr. session helped me to improve my score by 6 points from a 28 to a 34. The biggest improvement was in English from a 25 to a 34, math from 28 to 34, reading from a 28 to 31 and science from a 31 to a 35. Thank you so much your class and individual session. They were both extremely helpful.


She did it! The goal was 31! Maximum scholarship for her now!

Thanks so much for your help!


We just wanted to express our gratitude for the outstanding instruction you gave Jake in preparing for the ACT. We attribute his increase from a 29 to a 34 to your excellent tutoring program. Jake improved in all areas, but most significantly went from a 28 to 36 in Reading and a 29 to 35 in Science! We are confident that this score is going to enable Jake to apply to those schools that had previously only been on his "stretch" list. We are sure Jake will keep you posted as he ventures into the college application/acceptance process. You have been such an outstanding educator and of those individuals who truly makes a difference in people's lives. Thank you so much for all that you have done for Jake. We have also highly recommended you to several of Jake's friends who have heard about his success!

~C.R. & G.R.

The decision to enlist your individual tutoring help was the single wisest step we took in the entire college search and application process for my daughter. After scoring a 28 on the ACT in the fall of her junior year, Brian was able to look over her entire test score profile and immediately suggest a course of action. His focus on her science score made all the difference. After each of her four sessions with him, she implemented his suggestions in a practice test he assigned for that week. In April, she raised her science score 10 points to a34, and her composite score to a 32. As a result she received generous scholarships from the seven schools she applied to, and is attending one of her top school choices tuition free.

Brian is insightful, efficient and effective. He related well to us as parents, and to my daughter. Any investment in his services will more than pay itself back, and I plan to utilize his help with my next daughter who will be a junior, as well. Many thanks, Brian.


My son recently experienced difficulty taking the ACT. His second score was even lower than the first and he was unable to finish the test in the time allotted! That was until we met Brian. After spending time with Brian one on one, he took the exam for the 3rd time and was able to raise his overall score 4 points and in some subjects 6 points! Brian was also able to help him with the testing process which allowed him to finish the test with no problem. I would recommend Brian to anyone trying to better their score, in fact, I will use his services again in the future for my younger child. It is definitely worth the investment in your child's future!


I just wanted to say "Thank You" for the wonderful job you did in coaching my son during his SAT preparation. He and I appreciate you providing him great insights into problem analysis, time management and strategies for eliminating responses that may be wrong in answering multiple choice questions. He improved his scores and I am sure this came about because of your assistance and coaching.

Please continue your great services to the student community. You should be proud of your abilities to teach and shape the future citizens of this great country.


My SAT results are back — I got a 2220!

I got a 10 out of 12 on the essay (up from an 8 out of 12).

You have obviously been a great help— this was the second time I had taken the SAT, and I saw a 100 point improvement in Math and a 160 point improvement in Writing!

I will certainly be spending time this spring break preparing for the ACT.

Thanks again!


The first time I took the ACT . . . I got a 16. I was so bummed with this score. I knew I could do better. My problem was I had no idea what I was doing. When I began to take the test I had no idea how to manage my time, how to go about answering the questions, or how to read the questions and answers. When I began the first page of the first test I knew I was doomed. I psyched myself out and could not concentrate or focus from that point on. All I wanted to do was get out of that room and go home!

In early September I took the ACT again. This was after taking your boot camp. I was very confident in myself this time around. I knew how to read the questions, answer the questions and manage my time. I knew my scores would improve this time around (I knew they couldn't really get worse!) I was really hoping for at least a 21. I got my scores today and I got a 23!!!! I am so happy with this improvement.

I really want to thank you because I know without the ACT boot camp I would not have improved as much as I did. Without your skills and guidance I would be applying to colleges with a 16 ACT score. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

I will definitely be recommending the ACT boot camp to everyone I know!!


I'm a busy student, I never really had the time to just sit down and prepare for my standardized tests so my scores were never what I wanted them to be. Because of this, I have only attended a few of Mr. Stewart's camps. But, the strategies he taught me has made a significant difference on both my ACT and SAT scores. My ACT English score went from a 28 to a 36 and my ACT score overall increased by 4 points. I am now getting scores that I thought were impossible for me to achieve. I owe it all to Mr. Stewart and I am thankful to have had the opportunity to work with him. I highly recommend all of his programs with no hesitation because with his help, I am a step closer to getting into some of the most competitive universities in the nation.


I wanted you to know [my daughter] got her ACT scores today and she scored a 31! Her "superscore" is a 32. She went from a 26, [then a] 25 [then to a] 31 [after working with you]. Thank you so much. Will see you in a year or two with her sister!


I wanted to follow up with you regarding my son's SAT scores.

[My son] attended the [SAT Basic and Advanced Training] last winter. He felt the advice you gave was very useful and we decided to pursue some individual tutoring in math. Although you met with him only once, you did give him even more in the way of test strategy.

I would like you to know that [he] took the March SAT and scored 2340 - he missed 3 math questions. He is a very determined kid, and he took the test again in June. This time he scored a perfect 2400. We got the scores on June 25th and I'm not sure that he feet have touched the ground yet. He's still walking on air.

I wanted you to know about this because [my son] thought so highly of you and I thought I would pass along the compliment once again. Thank you so much.


I got my ACT scores for June and I got a composite score of 28... a 31 in English and math, a 22 in Reading, and a 26 in Science .... I just wanted to thank you for all your help! My individual scores have increased drastically from a 24 in math to a 31 and that's pretty amazing. Not to mention how I initially scored a 24 and now got a 28. But anyways I just wanted to let you know how I did... Thanks again! =)


I just received my ACT scores the beginning of the month. As it turns out, my composite improved from a 25 to a 32! The biggest leap by far was in the science, which went from a 23 to a 34! Math increased two points (30 to 32), Reading increased seven points (23 to 30) and English increased seven as well (25 to 32)... I can safely say I achieved the maximum results that you said I could achieve.

Thanks for your help!


I just scored a 25 on my latest ACT test. I accomplished this because I utilized Mr. Stewart's program. After meeting with him for 5 sessions and applying his strategies and methods I was able to improve my score by 6 points.


We just wanted to thank you again and let you know how [our son] did. He got a 34 composite, which was one point higher than last time he took it. He's raised his composite 4 points since working with you! Even more amazing, he has taken his Reading score from 26 to 36! Thank you so much. If you ever need a testimonial, we'd be glad to give it. We'll call you next year for our son that's a sophomore. Thanks.


Just wanted to pass on [my son's] success story to you . . .

We got his scores this week and he outperformed himself! We are so proud of him. His composite was a 28 (his highest practice had been 24), with a 31 in English and Reading, 26 in math and a 23 in science . . .

We feel like our investment in tutoring with you was well spent, and that not only did it help him now but will in his college studies as well. You have a gift for teaching and [our son] gained so much in his time with you. We will definitely look you up in two years when [our younger son] is ready to tackle the test!!!

Many thanks and hope to see you soon,


Brian has worked with our son individually for over a year in preparation for the PSAT, SAT and AP exams. I highly recommend the individual sessions. With one on one attention, Brian was able to quickly identify his strengths and weaknesses and target the areas he most needed to work on in a very timely manner. Brian has taught him some very effective test taking strategies and improved his confidence in his own abilities. On Brian's recommendation, he took the SAT for the first time as practice for the PSAT. This really alleviated a lot of the stress associated with both tests. With further help, he brought his SAT score up 130 points on his 2nd testing to 2290. Brian has been an overall positive influence on our son and is gifted not only in his teaching abilities, but also in the way he can relate to teenagers. I am happy to allow Brian to share my contact information with any parent interested in retaining his services.


Hi Brian, I thought you might want to see how your tutoring helped my daughter. Her composite score went up 4 points.

Thanks again!


Just wanted to let you know that Eric received his score from his September ACT exam and it was a 27. He is thrilled!! You might remember, he initially scored a 24 in September last year, but on 2 subsequent exams received a 22 each time. We are all very pleased with his increase to a 27! He had a high of 31 on the English section.

Thank you again for your efforts in working with Eric.


Just wanted to give you some good feedback. You coached my son M. on 2 occasions this past Spring on ACT timing and strategy, as he did not complete the test the first time. He has taken the test twice more, and has done very well. The first one, without writing, he got a 31. In October, he took it a third time with writing and got a 34, and 99%ile for all portions!! Needless to say, we are quite pleased.

Thanks for the advice and coaching that help him to be so successful.


My daughter scored a 27 on the ACT the first time. She met with Brian for three private sessions and he identified immediately what she needed to work on. She retook it and scored a 31. She is thrilled and feels she can now pursue her college search with confidence.

Thanks again Brian.


We started working with Brian four years ago. Each of our children has taken advantage of his individual tutoring for the ACT and SAT. In both cases their scores improved significantly. For instance, both ended up in the 30's on ACT, were accepted to the colleges of their choice and received merit scholarship funds. They will both tell you that Brian's tutoring was instrumental in providing the framework, technique and knowledge to achieve their testing goals. Thanks Brian and keep up the great work!


I took your Act and Sat classes in New Albany. I just wanted to let you know what I got on the tests. 2080 sat with 690 w 700 m and 690 cr. 33 on the act with 34 m 35 s 32 r and 32 e. Thanks for your help.


I just wanted to let you know the good news from K.'s ACT test. She got a 32 overall and a 34 in both math and science! She got a 28 overall the first time she took it with a 27 in both math and science. She's planning on majoring in engineering in college so this will definitely help her out.

Thank you so much for your help. It's clear your instruction made a difference. We have shared your contact info with many of K.'s friends and we will certainly be contacting you when our son is ready to take the test.


I wanted to share E.'s ACT results with you. Her overall score went from a 21 to 25! English score went from a 19 to 27, math from 22 to 23, reading from 23 to 27 and science stayed a 21. Her goal was a 24. She was extremely excited when she received these results. She also took the written portion and scored an 8 to combine for a 26 English/Writing score. Thank you so much! It was time and money well spent!


We would like to thank you for your assistance helping our son prepare for his ACT. Your one on one sessions provided him the confidence and the tools to increase his final score and to be accepted at the college of his choice! We cannot thank you enough!


I just wanted to share that G. got her scores back today. You had spent a couple sessions working on English with her and her score went from a 25 to a 34!!!!!

Overall, her composite went up from a 29 to a 31. Thank you so much!


I just watned to let you know that I got a 30 on the ACT! I am so excited and I was especially surprised to see that my science score went from a 21 to a 27! Math went from 25 to 27, reading went from 29 to 30, and English went from 33 to 34. Thank you so much for all your help because I know that my score wouldn't have gone up otherwise.


I took the PSAT Turbo and SAT Turbo coaching sessions from you in my Junior year. I supplemented the coaching sessions with practice problems from the College-Board SAT Prep books.

My PSAT score improved from 221 (sophomore) to 234 (junior).

My SAT score improved from 2150 (sophomore) to 2380 (junior)

I had significant improvements in each area (Math and writing by over 80 points).

I want to thank you for your excellent coaching classes!

I think they really helped and I would definitely recommend them to others!


My son took a practice ACT test at school last fall and he wasn't happy with his score. He didn't have much time to study due to his busy schedule. I heard from a friend that her son took Brian's class and it was very helpful, so I convinced my son to take the Advanced ACT class right before his ACT test. He felt much more prepared after taking the class and hoped to improve his composite score by 3 points. To his surprise, his composite score increased 6 points, with 7 points improvement on Reading and 9 points on English.

I have already started recommending Brian to my friends and will definitely have my daughter take Brian's classes in a couple of years. Thanks, Brian.


I wanted to thank you for helping E. during this testing season!! She just got her scores back and she scored 33. Math 35!!/verbal 33/reading 33 and science 30. We really appreciate your efforts to help each individual student. It makes such a difference. E. said she could here your counsel in her head throughout the test and really felt confident that she had given it her best. Thanks!!


I would highly recommend Brian Stewart ACT and SAT Prep courses. My son was prepared as a junior to take both tests and did exceedingly well his first time around. More importantly, the advice that Brian gave us surrounding questions about when to take the test, which test to take, etc. were invaluable. Brian suggested an early test date in my son's junior year. Now we know what to focus on and will continue with private lessons with Brian to concentrate on those weaker subjects. I highly recommend Brian's prep courses and private tutor sessions and I had looked at several others.


I wanted to thank you for spending a few hours with M. this past summer working on PSAT/SAT stuff. She just brought home her PSAT scores. I'm happy to say that her score improved by 22 points!!!!! She scored a 225!!!

We'll be contacting you in the future. M.'s brother J. is a Freshman and we'd like to give him the same opportunity.


I have worked with Brian personally (my own daughter) and with tutoring many of my students at our high school. I would highly recommend Brian for his knowledge and expertise in preparing students to excel on the ACT/SAT tests.

My own daughter was able to raise her test scores 4 points and received an extra scholarship from the college she now attends. We are anticipating higher student ACT/SAT scores at our high school due directly to Brian Stewart's tutoring classes.

~D.M. - Guidance Counselor

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